All Viscose Fiber Materials

Viscose Fiber Plants

Fortune Cat® has a production capacity of 1.3 million tons of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC), 1 million tons of ionic membrane caustic soda, 600000 tons of cotton pulp, 320000 tons of viscose fibers, 2 million spindles of viscose spinning, and 150 million meters of viscose fabrics.

Caustic soda is one of the main chemical auxiliary materials required for the production of viscose short fibers and their main raw materials, cotton pulp. For each ton of viscose staple fiber produced, approximately 0.6 tons of caustic soda are required. By investing in caustic soda enterprises and cotton pulp enterprises, Fortune Cat® has achieved a full industry chain layout for viscose.

Viscose short fibers are mainly used for blending with cotton fibers to form viscose yarns. Fortune Cat® produces over 550 tons of viscose short fibers per day, which can be digested internally by Fortune Cat®. Only about 3-4 hundred tons of viscose short fibers need to be sold externally each day, and some are also exported.

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