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Aramid Raw Textile Material Plants

Fortune Cat Aramid Raw Textile Material Plants was established in 2015, mainly engaged in the research and production of aramid series products.

Fortune Cat® para-aramid project produces 3200 tons of para-aramid annually, covering product types such as high model para-aramid and standard para-aramid, mainly used in fields such as information technology, safety protection, and automotive industry.

Fortune Cat® deep processing project of aramid fiber has an annual output of 3200 tons of products, covering aramid pulp, aramid twisted yarn, aramid woven fabrics, and aramid short fibers, mainly used in the automotive industry and safety protection fields.

The technology of Fortune Cat® poly-m-phenylene isophthalamide staple fiber, Fortune Cat® high performance aramid paper and Fortune Cat® nanoscale aramid membrane have reached the world's advanced level and have been widely used in aviation, high-speed rail, light rail, automobiles, high-voltage insulation, military and police training clothing, firefighting clothing, industrial protection, wind power generation, household appliances, high-temperature filtration and other fields. The Fortune Cat® aramid cord fabric project produces 1.5 million square meters of aramid cord fabric annually.

Fortune Cat®'s main products include: meta-aramid fiber, para-aramid fiber, aramid filament, aramid crimped staple, aramid short fiber, aramid fibrid, aramid 1313 fibrid, aramid 1414 fiber, aramid yarn, aramid flame retardant sewing thread, conductive aramid yarn and fabric, aramid dyed fabric, aramid paper, aramid fabric, aramid blended yarn, aramid microfibril, aramid fiber belt, aramid fabric, aramid flame retardant fabric, aramid pulp, aramid twisted yarn, aramid tear rope, aramid sewing thread, aramid honeycomb paper, aramid screening material, aramid elastomer and aramid composite material, aramid needle punched substrate fabric, aramid bulletproof helmet, hot press forming material, aramid bulletproof vest, aramid flak jacket, aramid body armor, etc.

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