All Water-soluble PVA Fibers

Water-soluble PVA Fiber Plants

Fortune Cat® water-soluble PVA fiber plants can produce 40 million tons of water-soluble vinylon fibers annually. The main products include water-soluble vinylon filament, water-soluble vinylon short fibers, and various counts of water-soluble vinylon yarn.

Water soluble fibers, as a new type of raw material, are widely used in industries such as medicine and textiles due to their ability to dissolve in water. Water soluble fibers include polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers, seaweed fibers, and carboxymethyl cellulose fibers, with the most widely used being water-soluble PVA fibers.

Water soluble PVA fiber is one of the differentiated fiber varieties of vinylon. It is a fiber made by stretching, drying, and heat treatment of PVA solution after spinning under dry heat conditions. According to the dissolution temperature in water, PVA fibers can be divided into three categories: low-temperature dissolution (0-40 ℃), medium temperature dissolution (41-70 ℃), and high-temperature dissolution (71-100 ℃).

Application of water-soluble PVA fibers in fabric development:

1. Used for developing lightweight and thin woolen fabrics

By utilizing the water solubility of water-soluble PVA fibers, a certain proportion of water-soluble PVA fibers are mixed into low count wool during spinning to produce medium fineness wool yarn. The fabric is woven and the PVA fibers are dissolved during the finishing process, resulting in a lightweight pure wool fabric.

2. Used for developing high count cotton and linen yarn

Due to the high crystallinity and orientation of hemp fibers, which are straight without curls, have low count, poor length uniformity, stiffness, and poor adhesion between fibers, the spinnability of hemp fibers is relatively low. Adding water-soluble PVA fibers to cotton and linen blended yarn, and then dissolving and removing the PVA fibers in the post-processing process, can obtain high-quality cotton and linen yarn.

3. Used as embroidery base fabric

Water soluble PVA fiber non-woven fabric can be composite with the fabric as a reinforcing base fabric or used as a skeleton. It can be directly embroidered on top by computer, and after being embroidered, the PVA non-woven fabric is removed by hot water treatment. The embroidery is natural and the simulation effect is good.

4. Used for producing water-soluble worsted yarns

After interweaving water-soluble PVA yarn with other yarns, water-soluble fibers are removed during the dyeing and finishing process to obtain deep processed fabrics such as warp and weft hollowing, jacquard weaving, thin, soft, and bulky.

5. As medical and health materials

Sanitary materials made from water-soluble fibers are widely used due to their easy hydrolysis and pollution-free properties, and are commonly used in the production of water-soluble surgical gowns, surgical caps, and shell patches. These materials are biodegradable when treated in water after use, overcoming the drawbacks of incineration or secondary pollution caused by some medical and health materials.

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