Quality Control

Textile Raw Material Quality Control

We take our Quality very seriously!

Fortune Cat® Manager Quality Assurance, Deputy Manager Quality Assurance and Manager Product Development are directly working under the General Manager R & D, paralled with the Production Manager. This ensures that the Quality Manager, a person having knowledge of quality control is working independently without making any compromises on many aspects.

Fortune Cat® General Manager R & D is highly qualified and knowledgable person, he keeps a close eye on raw material purchase, production planning and maintenance activities. He co-ordinates all Q.A. activities along with product development and market complaint department. Along with top management, he prepares quality norms and strives for the same along with his team to achieve the same.

Our Manager Quality Assurance has the following responsibilities:

1. Cotton & Raw Material Testing–Cotton and raw material samples received will be tested against mill norms and a decision regarding purchase of the lot or rejection will be taken by Q.A Manager. Lots which fulfills the quality norms will be purchased, and 100% testing of the bales from the lot will be carried out Bale Managerment should be strictly followed.

2. In-process Testing And Process Optimization–In-process material at every process stage must be and wherever deviations are observed, the process must be optimized by conducting trials.

3. Finished Product Testing–To arrive at reliable results, the testing instruments must be calibrated internally as per the prescribed method and schedule.

Our Deputy Manager Quality Assurance is working as a trouble shooter. He has the following responsibilities:

1. Process Control Studies–He prepares a plan for Hank Checking, Waste Study, Breakage Study, A%, Strech% etc., so that at a given interval of time all the machines are covered for all studies.

2. Machinery Auditing–Our factory has a generally maintenance gang, they will be doing auditing of the machine at the time cleaning or during maintenance of perticular machine. But while the machine is working, some of the things can be checked, which have influence on quality, for example stop motion, lap licking, web cut, abnormal noise from the machine etc. Our deputy Manager Quality Assurance is responsible for making a list of such points, so that machine wise is to be prepared and an auditing schedule is followed.

3. Follow-up Of Cleaning And Preventive Maintenance

4. Follow-up of Replacement Schedules

Our Manager Product Development is mainly responsible for Development In Existing Product and New Product Development. He keeps a close eye in market changes for new product development, and strictly follows quality control norms and customer requirements.

Quality Assurance is the link between production and customers. The goal of quality management is to be value adding, and thereby, not only improve quality but also improve business. It is precisely because of this, Fortune Cat® has won the market approval.

Fair Working Conditions

We follow the GOTS social criteria within our organization as well as with our partners which includes the following:

1. Employment is Freely Chosen

2. Freedom of Association and right to collective bargaining

3. Working Conditions are safe and hygienic

4. Child labor is not used

5. Living wages are paid

6. Working hours are not excessive

7. No Discrimination is practiced

8. Regular Employment provided

9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed