Affiliated Fiber Factories

Since the first wool top mill in 1979, Fortune Cat™ fiber group now has 48 affiliated fiber factories located in different parts of China, providing all kinds of high quality textile raw materials to the world textile industry.

Polyester Plants

Founded in 1998, Fortune Cat® Polyester Production Plants mainly produces purified terephthalic acid (PTA), Polyethylene terephthalate chips(PET), Polyester film and new polyester materials, unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), polyurethane resin, Bottle grade Polyester Chips, polyester bottle chip, pinning grade polyester chips, polyester staple fiber (PSF), civilian polyester filament, industrial polyester filament and polyester fabric. Among them, Polyester partially oriented yarns(POY), fully drawn yarn (FDY), polyester draw texturing yarn(DTY), bright super-fine polyester fiber, polyester composite fibers and high-quality polyester industrial fibers are highly recognized by customers in the textile industry.

Acrylic Plants

Founded in 1979, Fortune Cat® Acrylic Fiber Plants mainly produce acrylic staple fiber and acrylic filament. In recent years, Fortune Cat™ Acrylic Fiber Plants have developed some new products, such as rayon, bamboo fiber, carbon fiber, and various colored yarns. Among them, the production capacity of artificial silk is 160000 tons/year, bamboo fiber is 300000 tons/year, acrylic fiber is 740000 tons/year, carbon fiber raw material is 80000 tons/year, and carbon fiber is 15000 tons/year. Fortune Cat® has innovatively developed multiple differentiated acrylic fiber products, such as antibacterial acrylic, super fluffy acrylic, anti pilling acrylic, flat acrylic, and mohair-like acrylic.

Nylon Plants

As the forerunner and leader in China's nylon industry, Fortune Cat® has been deeply engaged in the field of nylon new materials for more than 40 years and has been the most technologically advanced nylon production enterprise. Fortune Cat® produces nearly 400 varieties of nylon product series, extending to a wide range of application fields such as aerospace, military equipment, high-speed rail, clean energy, electronics and appliances, and civil use. Among them, Nylon 66 high-strength ultra-low shrinkage medium low denier industrial filament, spinning grade nylon chip 26HD, high-strength aramid nylon composite dipped tire cord fabric and other products have received unanimous praise from customers.

Viscose Plants

Fortune Cat® has a production capacity of 1.3 million tons of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC), 1 million tons of ionic membrane caustic soda, 600000 tons of cotton pulp, 320000 tons of viscose fibers, 2 million spindles of viscose spinning, and 150 million meters of viscose fabrics. Viscose short fibers are mainly used for blending with cotton fibers to form viscose yarns. Fortune Cat® produces over 550 tons of viscose short fibers per day, which can be digested internally. Only about 3-4 hundred tons of viscose short fibers need to be sold externally each day, and some are also exported.

Wool Top Mill

The business scope of Fortune Cat® wool top mill covers global wool procurement, professional warehousing and transportation, wool washing and top making, and wool functional processing. The annual wool washing capacity is about 90000 tons, the annual comb production capacity is about 25000 tons, and the annual production capacity of easy care wool top, mercerized and anti shrink wool top, and Basulan functionalized treatment is about 10000 tons. It is one of the largest Merino wool resource integration enterprises in the world. Fortune Cat® can customize wool top products according to customer quality standards, and can also produce various specifications of Australian Merino wool tops to meet the material needs of customers at different levels such as fine spinning, semi fine spinning, and coarse spinning.

Silk Reeling Mill

With a history of nearly 40 years and the most complete silk industry chain, Fortune Cat® integrates silk reeling, silk twisting, silk spinning, silk knitting, silk weaving, silk dyeing, and silk clothing. It is one of the largest silk product research and manufacturing enterprises in China. We have the world's most advanced silk reeling equipment, with an annual processing capacity of over 5000 tons of silk. Fortune Cat® silk reeling mill mainly engaged in the purchase of large cocoons, silk reeling processing, silk quilt manufacturing, etc. The twisting workshop produces 2000 tons of twisted yarn annually. The main products include tussah silk, white factory silk, twisted silk, silk floss, silk quilts, etc.

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