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Fortune Cat® basalt fiber production base mainly produces continuous basalt fibers and their composite material products. We can provide customers with various specifications of basalt continuous fibers and short cut fibers, basalt fiber yarns, basalt fiber fabrics and other fiber products, as well as various composite materials such as basalt fiber reinforced plastics (BFRP), Continuous basalt fibre tabby cloth (CBFTC), basalt fiber section bar, basalt fiber pipes, as well as composite fiber fireproofing sealing technology, geogrids, geotextiles, fire-resistant clothing and other functional products.

Basalt fiber is a continuous fiber made by melting basalt stone at 1450 ℃ to 1500 ℃ and high-speed drawing through a platinum rhodium alloy drawing bushing. The color of pure natural basalt fibers is generally brown. Basalt fiber is a new type of inorganic environmentally friendly and high-performance fiber material, which is composed of oxides such as silica, alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, and titanium dioxide. Basalt continuous fibers not only have high strength, but also have various excellent properties such as electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. Basalt fiber is formed by high-temperature melting and drawing of basalt ore, which has silicates similar to natural ores. After being discarded, it can be biodegraded in the environment and is harmless to the environment.

Application of basalt fibers:

1. Basalt fiber untwisted roving: It is a basalt fiber product made of multiple strands of parallel basalt filament or single strand of parallel basalt filament without twisting.

2. Basalt fiber textile yarns: It is a yarn made by twisting and doubling multiple basalt fiber filaments, with a single filament diameter generally 9-17 μ M. Textile yarns can generally be divided into weaving yarns and other industrial yarns.

3. Basalt fibre chopped fibers: It is a product made by short cutting continuous basalt fiber precursor. The fibers are coated with (silane) wetting agent. So basalt fiber chopped yarn is the preferred material for reinforcing thermoplastic resins, and it is also the best material for reinforcing concrete. Basalt is a high-performance component of volcanic rock, and this special silicate gives basalt fibers excellent chemical resistance, particularly alkali resistance. Therefore, basalt fiber is an excellent material for replacing polypropylene (PP) and polyacrylonitrile (PAN) to enhance cement concrete; It is also a highly competitive product that can replace polyester fibers, lignin fibers, etc. for asphalt concrete, and can improve the high-temperature stability, low-temperature crack resistance, and fatigue resistance of asphalt concrete.

4. Basalt fiber bulk yarn: The high-speed air flow enters the forming and bulking channel to form turbulence, which disperses the basalt fibers and forms looped fibers, thereby endowing the basalt fibers with swelling properties and manufacturing puffed yarns.

5. BFRP Sheets.

6. Basalt fiber felt rugs.

7. Basalt fiber compound material: Compared with high-tech fibers such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE), basalt fiber not only has the characteristics of high strength and high modulus of high-tech fibers, but also has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, insulation and sound insulation, good filtration performance, high compressive and shear strength, adaptability to various environments, and good cost-effectiveness, It is a pure natural inorganic non-metallic material and also a high-tech fiber.

The application of basalt fiber in the field of functional clothing: Basalt fiber cloth has high strength, permanent flame retardancy, short-term temperature resistance above 1000 ℃, and can be used for a long time in a temperature environment of 760 ℃. It is an ideal material to replace asbestos and glass fiber cloth. Basalt fiber cloth has high fracture strength, high temperature resistance, and permanent flame retardancy, making it a low-cost alternative to high-performance fibers and advanced fibers such as Nomex (aramid 1313), Kevlar (aramid 1414), Zylon (PBO fiber), and carbon fiber. The basalt fiber cloth can be dyed and printed by chemical dyeing and finishing. Through functional finishing, such as organic fluorine finishing, it can be made into a permanent flame-retardant fabric that is resistant to oil and water. The clothing that basalt fiber cloth can manufacture includes: firefighter fireproof clothing, thermal insulation clothing, fire avoidance clothing, furnace worker protective clothing, welding work clothing, and military flame-retardant clothing.

Fortune Cat®'s main products include basalt chopped fibers, basalt geogrids, CBFTC, basalt fiber mesh fabrics, basalt fiber unidirectional fabrics, basalt fiber untwisted yarns, basalt fiber needle punched felt, basalt fiber belts, basalt fiber casing packer, CBFR, basalt flame retardant clothing, etc.

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