Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter

Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter

Fortune Cat® can produce Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter.

Item Name: Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter.

Brand: Fortune Cat®

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Product Description

Carbon Fiber Plants

Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Production Base specializes in the research and development, as well as production, of PAN-based carbon fiber precursor, carbon fiber filaments, carbon fiber composite materials, and carbon fiber products. Fortune Cat® can provide customers with integrated full industry chain services, including carbon fiber precursor, carbon fiber filaments, carbon fiber fabrics, liquid resins, adhesives, carbon fiber prepreg, carbon fiber composite components, and aviation composite structural components. The production capacity can reach 40000 tons of carbon fiber precursor and 20000 tons of large tow carbon fiber per year. By testing, the 48K carbon fiber produced by the Fortune Cat® carbon fiber production base has a tensile strength of 4000Mpa, a tensile modulus of 240Gpa, and an interlayer shear strength of 60Mpa.

PAN based carbon fibers can be divided into small and large fiber tows according to fiber tow size. Fiber tows below 24k refer to small tow carbon fiber, which consist of 1000-24000 individual fibers; And the specification of large tow carbon fiber is ≥ 48k, which means that the number of single fibers in the bundle exceeds 48000. In addition to distinguishing between simple tow specifications, there are significant differences in mechanical properties and application fields between small and large tow carbon fibers.

Small tow carbon fiber has excellent mechanical properties, with a tensile strength of 3.5-7.0 GPa and a tensile modulus of 230-650 GPa. It is mainly used in aerospace, defense and military industries, as well as high-end sports and leisure products, and is therefore also known as aerospace grade carbon fiber. Aerospace grade small fiber tows have extremely strict requirements for reliability, processability, stability, and so on.

Large tow carbon fibers have a tensile strength of 3.5-5.0 GPa and a tensile modulus of 230-290 GPa, and are generally used in fields such as textiles, medicine and health, electromechanical, civil engineering, transportation, and energy, hence they are also known as industrial grade carbon fibers. The technical barriers for large tow carbon fiber are quite high. As an industrial grade carbon fiber, its core driving force lies in low cost, so enterprises must effectively control production costs. The rapidly growing global wind power industry has brought business opportunities for the development of Fortune Cat®‘s large tow carbon fiber.

In the subsequent application process of large tow carbon fiber, due to the large size and easy aggregation of fiber bundles, the yarn spreading effect is not good, which leads to poor resin infiltration into the fibers and is prone to defects such as pores. In addition, during the process of developing large tow carbon fibers, there may be disordered and broken yarns, resulting in significant dispersion of mechanical properties, further increasing the difficulty of applying large tow carbon fibers.

In the medical field, carbon materials have advantages such as good biocompatibility, low irritation to living tissues, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, low specific gravity, and similar elastic modulus to human bone, making them a potential fourth generation implant material.

In the field of transportation, the application of large tow carbon fiber is mainly in civil aircraft, automobiles, fast trains, and other transportation vehicles. For example, it can be used to manufacture carbon/carbon composite brake systems and automotive transmission shafts, which can significantly reduce the weight of automobiles, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving automotive control systems, which is beneficial for environmental protection and has become the preferred choice for automotive lightweighting.

Carbon fiber has broad application prospects in the energy field. At present, in the field of energy, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials mainly solve two problems. Firstly, improving energy utilization efficiency. For example, carbon fiber used in automotive components can reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel utilization efficiency; The second is to provide clean energy, such as carbon fiber wind turbine blades and carbon fiber wind turbine propellers applied in the wind power field.

In the field of sports and leisure, large tow carbon fiber products mainly include fishing rods, golf clubs, snowboards, badminton rackets, etc.

In terms of infrastructure, large tow carbon fibers can be used to enhance cement. Carbon fiber reinforced cement composite materials have high strength and stiffness, and can be applied in bridges, buildings, and other fields to further increase the service life of buildings.

In the industrial field, carbon fiber can be applied in industries such as papermaking, metallurgy, chemical, textile, and medical machinery. Various components that require working in environments such as high strength, high stiffness, light weight, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, such as various shafts, containers, pipelines, and platforms, can be manufactured using carbon fiber.

Fortune Cat®’s products mainly include carbon fiber basic materials, high-strength carbon fibers, carbon fiber fabrics, high-performance material fabrics, warp knitted reinforced fabrics, multi axial warp knitted composite materials, advanced carbon fiber composite materials for rail transit, multiple models of high-speed trains, carbon fiber composite material components for maglev trains and aerospace, high-performance prepregs, carbon fiber composite material products, etc. Fortune Cat®’s carbon fiber product is widely used in aerospace, weapons and equipment, wind turbine blades, photovoltaic thermal fields, high-pressure hydrogen storage, sports and leisure, building reinforcement and other fields.

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Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter

Fortune Cat® can produce Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter.

Item Name: Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter.

Brand: Fortune Cat®


Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter uses carbon fiber composite materials for integrated molding, compared with traditional materials, it has multiple advantages such as light weight, high strength, acid and alkali resistance, fatigue resistance, good shock absorption, and long service life. In terms of weight, it can be reduced by 50% -70% compared to traditional shelters, and the structure is stable, impact resistant, safe, environmentally friendly, and odorless, with good optoelectronic and magnetic sealing properties. We can design products according to customer requirements and develop shelter series products with different specifications and features to meet your different product requirements. This series of shelters has been widely used in the military communication mobile equipment series products, solving the problems of poor off-road performance and short service life in coastal areas for command vehicles and communication vehicles.

Carbon Fiber Unibody Military lightweight Shelter

Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Military lightweight Shelter has the characteristics of high specific strength, good design, stable structural dimensions, good resistance to fatigue and fracture, and can be formed in large areas. It also has special electromagnetic performance and absorption stealth. It has been widely used in equipment lightweighting, and the demand is steadily increasing.Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Military lightweight Shelter can significantly improve the safety performance of military vehicles, ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, reduce fault losses, reduce energy consumption, and save maintenance costs. This series of makeshift shelters can meet the needs of various fields such as military and civilian applications. The production of this series of shelter not only enhances the military results of the product, but also provides a technical foundation and conditions for the civil automotive industry, which has a positive effect on reducing vehicle weight, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and exploring the application fields of new energy vehicles.

At present, Fortune Cat® has built four production lines for carbon fiber composite material series shelters and three production lines for carbon fiber composite material series shelter accessories. The series of special shelters developed using lightweight RTM molding technology have the characteristics of light weight, high specific strength, high specific stiffness, good water sealing and light sealing, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, expandable bulletproof function, and high cost-effectiveness. They are 50% -70% lighter than traditional shelters. This series of shelters has been widely used in the command, bulletproof, power supply, communication, and logistics support vehicle shelter series products, solving the problems of vehicle overweight, poor off-road performance, and short service life in coastal areas. Currently, it has been widely equipped for military use, reaching more than 3000 sets.

Fortune Cat® selects two or more hybrid woven fibers from T800S grade high-performance carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high-performance aramid fiber, and special ceramic fiber (basalt fiber, silicon carbide fiber, etc.) for laying, and use physical and chemical composite treatment methods to modify the appearance of high-performance protective fiber reinforcement materials, improve the resin affinity activity of hybrid fiber appearance, and achieve good application level of appearance roughness.

Based on the hybrid fiber composite materials used in lightweight composite material shelters, a high-performance composite resin adhesive suitable for various hybrid fiber infiltration was developed. The wettability of the adhesive on hybrid fibers was studied, and the resin viscosity, thermal performance, curing characteristics, and mechanical properties of the adhesive were studied. Finally, a high-performance resin adhesive suitable for hybrid fiber composite was prepared.

By conducting research on the technological transformation of military vehicle compartments to civilian vehicles, particularly the preparation and development technology of heavy-duty truck compartments, and on the basis of lightweight feature research, intelligent features of compartments, secondary repair technology research, and computer simulation of the entire process have been introduced to explore and perfect the preparation technology of civilian heavy-duty vehicle compartments from multiple aspects.

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Carbon Fiber Unibody Command Communication Shelter

Lightweighted-The average surface density of Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Command Communication Shelter is about 13kg/m2, which reduces weight by about 50% -60% compared to traditional shelters, improving the maneuverability and naivety of the entire vehicle, and reducing energy consumption during transfer, saving resources.

High safety-After loading the compulsory equipment, a sports car test with a rated load of 7000Km was conducted on the whole vehicle. The lightweight box greatly reduces the center of mass of the whole vehicle, and the inertia is small, making the whole vehicle more stable when operating on bumpy roads.

High load ratio – the load ratio of the roof panel of Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Command Communication Shelter is 7:1.

High environmental stability and adaptability – Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Command Communication Shelter can work in complex and harsh environments, can withstand temperature transitions from 75 ℃ to -55 ℃, and can withstand humid and hot environments with a relative humidity of 95% (temperature of 30 ℃).

Excellent salt spray corrosion resistance-passed a salt spray test with a concentration of (5± 1)%, sprayed with salt spray for 24 hours, dried for 24 hours, and a total of 96 hours of salt spray test.

Has strong anti-fungal ability – can effectively inhibit mold growth for a long time, with a degree of mold growth of level 0.

Good airtightness-The integrated formed shelter has good sealing performance against water, light, etc. After a rain test with a strength of 15mm/min and a time of 30min, there are no signs of leakage.

Superior insulation performance-under the condition of a temperature difference of 40 ℃ between the inside and outside, the heat transfer coefficient of the chamber is 0.39W/(m²• K), and the insulation level is I.

Superior electromagnetic shielding performance – in the range of 1.0-18.0GHz, the lowest electromagnetic shielding is 64.836dB; In the range of 18.0-40.0GHz, the minimum electromagnetic shielding is 60.523dB.

Good impact resistance -75mm, 39kg steel cylinder, 760mm free fall impact, panel without cracking, delamination, and no core material breakage.

Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Command Communication Shelter can be moved for lifting.

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The molding process of shelter:

1. Hot pressing technology for shelter materials-The principle and approach of implementation: The composite material hot press machine is mainly composed of a conveyor, a heater, a hydraulic system, and a control system. The conveyor is responsible for conveying the board, and the heater exercises the heat energy generated by fuel combustion to heat the upper and lower pressure plates of the workbench. The hydraulic system drives the upper and lower pressure plates of the workbench to press the board, and the working process is controlled by the control system. The hot pressing technology of shelter composite material is made by bonding the foam board, inner and outer skins with special adhesive.

2. Forming process of large shelter panels-The design and manufacturing of the basic Shida version of the large board shelter. The key to manufacturing large panel shelters is the press equipment, and the key to bonding and dressing is the adhesive. A practical technology for bonding, sealing, and fixing the large panels of the shelter using polymer chemical adhesives. The bonding process has gradually been widely used in shelter manufacturing.

3. Integrated molding process-
The composite shelter produced by our company adopts an integrated molding process design, and the shelter adopts a molded design. Before production, the mold design has been carried out, and all sides of the shelter are integrated in the production process without any splicing surfaces. At the beginning of production, various doors, windows, lines, lifting spaces, etc. are reserved. And the company has large high-temperature curing boxes and hot pressing tanks, ensuring the molding strength of the products. The integrated molding process pioneered by the company is highly trusted by customers in the civilian market.

Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter applies the Integrated molding process.

Specifications of Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter:

Fortune Cat®Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter has 438 types of shelter. There are 31 types follows 4400mm×2450mm×2000mm specification, 23 types follows 4012mm×2240mm×2100mm specification, 10 types follows 6058mm×2438mm×2438mm specification. All specifications can be made to order.

Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter VS. Metal Shelter:


Compare Item Composite Material Shelter Traditional Metal Shelter
Weight Weight of composite material shelter is 50%-70% lighter than weight of metal shelter.
Rationality of structural design No stress concentration, small deformation Easy to produce stress concentration and large deformation
Salt spray and heat performance No changes Slight surface corrosion
Temperature shock Small deformation Large deformation, surface shedding
Mildew Level 0 Level II
Immersion test No changes Slight surface corrosion
Thermal Conductivity 0.8W/m-K 1.2W/m-K
Delamination and voids Within any 3.5 square meter range, the size of delamination or voids is less than 2mm. Within any 3.5 square meter range, the size of delamination or voids is less than 10mm.
Rainfall test No water seepage or water leakage. There is leakage in the cracks of welding and riveting.
Molding method One-piece molding Welding of the skeleton
Dimensions Deviation (0, -1) mm, forming size guaranteed by mold Deviation (0, -5) mm
Flatness/verticality ± 1mm, using molds, high flatness ± 2mm
75mm diameter, 31kg weight steel cylinder, 760mm free fall impact Panel no cracking, no delamination, no core material breakage. Panel is dented by 20mm.
Bulletproof level Police grade III No
Explosion-proof level Police grade II No

Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Unibody Shelter Characteristics:

Widely used – can be used as a mobile command post, communication control center, radar station, aviation command tower, television relay station, radio broadcast transmission station, mechanical and electronic repair station, field hospital, exploration and survey station, field kitchen, power station, etc.

Good maneuverability – transportation options are diverse and can be used for sea, land (railway, road), and air (transport aircraft, helicopters). By using matching vehicles or installing walking wheels, excitation wheels, trailers, shelves, sleds, and other assemblies, transport and walk for a certain distance. Convenient for evacuation, lurking, and maneuvering, it is possible to choose favorable terrain and positions for the enemy shelter to lurk, improve survival capabilities, and ensure uninterrupted combat command, communication, control, and other functions.

Having multiple protective properties – the shelter has comprehensive protective performance, and according to the user’s requirements, different materials and structures can be selected for the shelter. The shelter products have excellent sealing (water and air tightness), insulation (including electromagnetic shielding, thermal insulation, shock insulation, vibration isolation, etc.), and can adapt to various weather and marine salt spray environments. They have properties such as fire prevention, infrared protection, and anti-corrosion. In a salt spray environment, it has properties such as fire resistance, infrared protection, and corrosion resistance.

Improving the working environment to ensure continuity and reliability of work – In addition to installing work equipment and related accessories, the shelter is also equipped with supporting equipment such as air conditioning, power supply, lighting, safety equipment, alarms, etc., so as to maintain an excellent internal environment and ensure the continuity and reliability of communication, command, combat, and logistics support work in harsh and natural field combat environments.

Easy to serialize, standardized, and generalized, with a long service life – the shelter can be designed into different types and series of products according to different uses, which is easy to industrialize, maintain, and meet the requirements of assembly, logistics department, various vehicles, systems, and series to ensure the “25% strength” of military support capabilities. Our factory can also develop and research other series of carbon fiber.

The core material of the shelter adopts a rubber column lattice structure, and the junction of the core materials adopts an I-beam structure, which can ensure that the shelter wall obtains good stiffness and improve the deformation and impact resistance of the shelter.

Fortune Cat® has the characteristics of one-time molding, no need for post-processing, good sealing, significant weight reduction, good impact resistance, safety, stability, equality, and other aspects of performance improvement.

How To Buy

1.Fortune Cat® has professional technical personnel who are responsible for guiding customers one-on-one. We can accept customized drawings or have our technical personnel design drawings for customers.

2.Customers provide requirements, including product name, technical requirements, design drawings, and dimensions.Fortune Cat® submit the design to the client for confirmation and make a preliminary quotation.After the customer confirms the design and sampling, mass production begins.Delivery after customer acceptance.

3.Fortune Cat® can sign confidentiality agreements with customers.

Why Fortune Cat®

1.With 20 years of professional manufacturing experience in military products, Fortune Cat® has rich research and production experience in industries such as military shelters, medical equipment, drones, and automotive components.

2.Fortune Cat® has multiple patented technologies and certified by an international production quality management system.

3.Fortune Cat® has mastered various integrated molding technologies such as molding, hot pressing can, winding, and vacuum induction.

4.Fortune Cat® has production and testing equipment for carbon fiber composite materials, including a 100000 level purification workshop, a large high-temperature chamber, automatic cutting machines, and hot pressing tanks.

5.Fortune Cat® has a professional composite material design simulation laboratory that can perform mechanical simulation and analysis on products, ensuring the reliability of product design.

5.Fortune Cat® has a professional inspection and testing laboratory, we can comprehensively test the performance of resin, fiber, fabric, prepreg, core material, sandwich structure, and various composite material products to ensure product quality.

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