Carbon Fiber Board

Carbon Fiber Board

Fortune Cat® can produce Customized carbon fiber board: 3K full carbon, ensuring pure carbon.

Item Name: Customized carbon fiber board.

Brand: Fortune Cat®

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Product Description

Carbon Fiber Plants

Fortune Cat® Carbon Fiber Production Base specializes in the research and development, as well as production, of PAN-based carbon fiber precursor, carbon fiber filaments, carbon fiber composite materials, and carbon fiber products. Fortune Cat® can provide customers with integrated full industry chain services, including carbon fiber precursor, carbon fiber filaments, carbon fiber fabrics, liquid resins, adhesives, carbon fiber prepreg, carbon fiber composite components, and aviation composite structural components. The production capacity can reach 40000 tons of carbon fiber precursor and 20000 tons of large tow carbon fiber per year. By testing, the 48K carbon fiber produced by the Fortune Cat® carbon fiber production base has a tensile strength of 4000Mpa, a tensile modulus of 240Gpa, and an interlayer shear strength of 60Mpa.

PAN based carbon fibers can be divided into small and large fiber tows according to fiber tow size. Fiber tows below 24k refer to small tow carbon fiber, which consist of 1000-24000 individual fibers; And the specification of large tow carbon fiber is ≥ 48k, which means that the number of single fibers in the bundle exceeds 48000. In addition to distinguishing between simple tow specifications, there are significant differences in mechanical properties and application fields between small and large tow carbon fibers.

Small tow carbon fiber has excellent mechanical properties, with a tensile strength of 3.5-7.0 GPa and a tensile modulus of 230-650 GPa. It is mainly used in aerospace, defense and military industries, as well as high-end sports and leisure products, and is therefore also known as aerospace grade carbon fiber. Aerospace grade small fiber tows have extremely strict requirements for reliability, processability, stability, and so on.

Large tow carbon fibers have a tensile strength of 3.5-5.0 GPa and a tensile modulus of 230-290 GPa, and are generally used in fields such as textiles, medicine and health, electromechanical, civil engineering, transportation, and energy, hence they are also known as industrial grade carbon fibers. The technical barriers for large tow carbon fiber are quite high. As an industrial grade carbon fiber, its core driving force lies in low cost, so enterprises must effectively control production costs. The rapidly growing global wind power industry has brought business opportunities for the development of Fortune Cat®‘s large tow carbon fiber.

In the subsequent application process of large tow carbon fiber, due to the large size and easy aggregation of fiber bundles, the yarn spreading effect is not good, which leads to poor resin infiltration into the fibers and is prone to defects such as pores. In addition, during the process of developing large tow carbon fibers, there may be disordered and broken yarns, resulting in significant dispersion of mechanical properties, further increasing the difficulty of applying large tow carbon fibers.

In the medical field, carbon materials have advantages such as good biocompatibility, low irritation to living tissues, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, low specific gravity, and similar elastic modulus to human bone, making them a potential fourth generation implant material.

In the field of transportation, the application of large tow carbon fiber is mainly in civil aircraft, automobiles, fast trains, and other transportation vehicles. For example, it can be used to manufacture carbon/carbon composite brake systems and automotive transmission shafts, which can significantly reduce the weight of automobiles, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving automotive control systems, which is beneficial for environmental protection and has become the preferred choice for automotive lightweighting.

Carbon fiber has broad application prospects in the energy field. At present, in the field of energy, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials mainly solve two problems. Firstly, improving energy utilization efficiency. For example, carbon fiber used in automotive components can reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel utilization efficiency; The second is to provide clean energy, such as carbon fiber wind turbine blades and carbon fiber wind turbine propellers applied in the wind power field.

In the field of sports and leisure, large tow carbon fiber products mainly include fishing rods, golf clubs, snowboards, badminton rackets, etc.

In terms of infrastructure, large tow carbon fibers can be used to enhance cement. Carbon fiber reinforced cement composite materials have high strength and stiffness, and can be applied in bridges, buildings, and other fields to further increase the service life of buildings.

In the industrial field, carbon fiber can be applied in industries such as papermaking, metallurgy, chemical, textile, and medical machinery. Various components that require working in environments such as high strength, high stiffness, light weight, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, such as various shafts, containers, pipelines, and platforms, can be manufactured using carbon fiber.

Fortune Cat®’s products mainly include carbon fiber basic materials, high-strength carbon fibers, carbon fiber fabrics, high-performance material fabrics, warp knitted reinforced fabrics, multi axial warp knitted composite materials, advanced carbon fiber composite materials for rail transit, multiple models of high-speed trains, carbon fiber composite material components for maglev trains and aerospace, high-performance prepregs, carbon fiber composite material products, etc. Fortune Cat®’s carbon fiber product is widely used in aerospace, weapons and equipment, wind turbine blades, photovoltaic thermal fields, high-pressure hydrogen storage, sports and leisure, building reinforcement and other fields.

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Carbon Fiber Board

Fortune Cat® can produce Customized carbon fiber board: 3K full carbon, ensuring pure carbon.

Item Name: Customized carbon fiber board.

Brand: Fortune Cat®


The board has clear grain patterns, smooth appearance, no pinholes, uniform thickness, high strength, light weight, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The appearance of the full carbon plate is bright and smooth, with good straightness. It is made of high-strength and high-quality imported carbon fiber, which has high strength, toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, and seismic resistance. The product is non-toxic and radiation free, with a high-end and gorgeous surface.

Fortune Cat® adopts the hot pressing can forming process to first improve the quality of ordinary extruded products, with higher tensile strength, better creep resistance, higher toughness, and durability.

The density and size of the board are stable, cost-effective, high-precision, with a product thickness tolerance of ± 0.1MM. The production and processing are all completed in a 100000 level purification workshop with high quality and no impurities.

CNC machining service, with high machining accuracy and no flanging. Experienced programmers draw and program, with low machining deviation. The board is engraved without burrs or dust, and the edges and corners are polished smooth. Customers can directly provide drawings or samples for machining.

Carbon fiber board can be made to order.

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High Temperature Resistant Carbon Fiber Board

Carbon fiber is an inorganic high-performance fiber that is transformed from organic fibers through a series of heat treatments, with a carbon content higher than 90%. It is a new material with excellent mechanical properties, possessing the inherent characteristics of carbon materials and also possessing the soft and processable properties of textile fibers. It is a new generation of reinforced fibers. Carbon fiber is a key material for both military and civilian use, which is technology intensive and politically sensitive. It is the only material that does not decrease in strength in high-temperature inert environments above 2000 ℃. The proportion of carbon fiber is less than 1/4 of that of steel, and the tensile strength of its composite materials is usually above 3500MPa, which is 7-9 times that of steel. Carbon fiber has super strong corrosion resistance, and it can be safely dissolved in aqua regia obtained by melting gold and platinum.

Performance: Smooth surface, without bubbles and other defects, resistant to high temperature, acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion, high hardness, high impact strength, no creep, high modulus, low density, and low coefficient of linear expansion.

Process: Multi layer carbon fiber cloth is pre impregnated with imported epoxy resin and then laminated at high temperature.3.3K and 12K carbon fiber materials available in plain/twill, glossy/matte colors.

Applications: drone models, spacecraft, medical CT bed boards, X-ray filter grilles, rail transit components, and other sports equipment.

Our company produces carbon fiber boards that are resistant to temperatures ranging from 200 to 1000 degrees Celsius. They can still maintain their physical characteristics in environments with gradually increasing temperatures. Their flame retardant level is 94-V0, which can achieve high standards of effectiveness without deformation.

Customized processing with a thickness of 0.3-6.0MM.

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