Metal Fiber Yarn

Metal Fiber Yarn

Fortune Cat® can produce Metal Fiber Yarn.

Item Name: Fortune Cat® Metal Fiber Yarn.

Brand: Fortune Cat®

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Product Description

Metal Fiber Plants

Fortune Cat® Radiation-proof Textile Material Production Base mainly produces Radiation-proof and anti-static stainless steel fibers, stainless steel conductive yarns for touch screens, and stainless steel Radiation-proof fabrics.

Metal radiation resistant fibers are made of stainless steel using bundle drawing technology, with a diameter as small as 1 μ M~40 μ M. It has the metallic color of stainless steel and a shiny surface. Due to the diameter of metal fiber reaching the micrometer level, new characteristics are generated in addition to maintaining the original properties of stainless steel, which not only maintain the conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and other properties, but also have characteristics similar to chemical fibers, making it a substrate for producing various metal fiber products.

At Fortune Cat®, we blend metal short fibers with cotton and polyester fibers to form a yarn that has a permanent conductive effect, which can be used to weave touch screen gloves, anti-static conveyor belts, anti-static work clothes, etc. It can be widely used in various fields including industry, civilian, and military, such as textile, filtration, metallurgy, and papermaking.

Fortune Cat® can produce metal fiber yarns in the following specifications:

1. Contains 3% -5% metal fibers for anti-static purposes.

2. Containing 5% -10% metal fiber for radiation protection.

3. General shielding with 10% -30% metal fibers.

4. Contains 30% -50% metal fibers for high-voltage electrified work clothes.

5. High shielding with 50% -100% metal fibers.

The metal short fibers have been combed into strips and can be directly blended with raw materials such as cotton, acrylic, viscose, polyester, etc. Fortune Cat® can produce various specifications of metal conductive yarns, and the cutting length can be determined according to customer requirements.

The stainless steel fabric produced by Fortune Cat® has the following characteristics:

1. Fine stainless steel metal mesh with conductive and radiation resistant effects.

2. Stainless steel with high melting point will present a fine metal mesh after combustion.

3. The cost of stainless steel fibers is relatively low.

4. The electromagnetic shielding effect is about 40DB.

5. Dyeable and washable.

Applicable industries:

1. Pregnant women's radiation resistant clothing (ultra-thin, breathable, sterilized, and can fit snugly);

2. Protective covers for daily electrical equipment (computer hosts, etc.), protective aprons, belly pockets, etc. for daily operation of induction cookers, microwaves, and other equipment by family members;

3. Curtains, office isolation radiation cloth (if there are high radiation equipment such as TV stations, mobile phone transmission towers, and high-voltage lines around, it is recommended to make curtains).

Target users:

1. Staff in electronic, information, radar and other transmission equipment rooms;

2. Workers who use high-frequency or microwave equipment for production;

3. Computer users;

4. Production and research personnel using electronic devices and instruments;

5. Children, elderly, and immunocompromised individuals working and living in high radiation areas;

6. Unmarried young men, women, and pregnant women;

7. People affected by electromagnetic radiation from household appliances, etc.

Washing and care precautions:

Gently hand wash, do not machine wash, do not expose to direct sunlight

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Metal Fiber Yarn

Fortune Cat® can produce Metal Fiber Yarn.

Item Name: Fortune Cat® Metal Fiber Yarn.

Brand: Fortune Cat®

Fortune Cat® Metal Fiber Yarn categories:

1. Conductive yarn: It is made by spinning and weaving 316L metal fibers, and can be divided into single yarn and ply yarn. Compared with ordinary yarn, metal yarn not only has the properties of ordinary yarn, but also has good conductivity, high strength, and metal materials are resistant to various chemical corrosion, high temperature, radiation, sound absorption, UV protection, and filtration. Metal fiber yarn and woven fabrics can be woven into various plain and twill woven fabrics, as well as knitted fabrics of different specifications.

2.Metal blended yarn: It is a yarn made by mixing chemical fiber polyester short fibers, natural fiber cotton, and metal fibers. Compared with metal wire cored yarn and metal wire composite yarn, metal fiber blended yarn has advantages such as washing resistance, light weight, and low price. Moreover, this yarn also meets processing requirements such as spinning, weaving, and sewing. Another authoritative institution has conducted research on metal fiber blended fabrics, showing that the fabric made from metal fiber blended yarn has good thermal conductivity. The higher the content of metal fibers, the better the electrical conductivity of the fabric;

Main Applications: production of high-temperature resistant fabric (600 ° C), production of thermal insulation curtains, application in the processing of automotive glass, vacuum electronic tubes and glass bottles, production of field mask tents, production of high-temperature resistant filtering materials, production process of electronic field lifebuoys (jackets), anti-static brushes, high-temperature resistant sewing lines, signal transmission lines, conductive transmission lines, and heating lines.

Metal fiber yarn function:

1.Anti-static: Made by blending 0.5%~5% stainless steel fibers with various chemical fibers, cotton, and viscose fibers, it is used for electrostatic protection of human body and equipment in flammable and explosive environments.

The fabric made of anti-static conductive blended yarn has long-term effective anti-static performance and is not affected by the working environment. Even under low temperature (dry) conditions, it still has excellent anti-static performance. No special requirements for washing conditions.

Can be washed according to regular work clothes, and after long-term repeated washing, it still maintains good anti-static performance. The color is complete, the texture is firm, the sweat and corrosion resistance is good, the wearing is comfortable, and the wearing performance is good.

2. Anti electromagnetic wave radiation:Composed of 10% to 100% stainless steel fibers, the blended materials include synthetic fibers, cotton, and viscose fibers. Electromagnetic shielding for human body and equipment. The shielding efficiency is 20-70 decibels, which is equivalent to energy attenuation of 10000 to 100000 times, and the transmittance is only one percent to one hundred thousandth of the incident amount.

The fabric made of conductive blended yarn with anti electromagnetic wave radiation not only has good electromagnetic wave shielding performance, but also is lightweight, soft, breathable, firm, durable, comfortable to wear, and easy to process. Ordinary sewing machines and sewing thread can be used for processing and sewing.

Main Applications: Used in fields such as anti-static and electromagnetic radiation protection

Production specifications:

88/12 A/F 34S/2 touch screen yarn.

JC/MOD/F 31S/2 Knitting Yarn.

T/R/F 21s/1 weaving yarn.

A/W/F 30S/2 Knitting Yarn.

JC/MOD/Ag 40S/2 Knitted Yarn.

JC/F 52s/1 Knitted Yarn.

A/MOD/F 32S/1 Knitted yarn.

It can also be customized according to the customer’s usage.

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