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Ceramic Fiber Plants

Fortune Cat® ceramic fiber production base mainly produces alumina based ceramic refractory fibers. The company currently has over 80 ceramic fiber production lines, including 4 soluble and degradable ceramic refractory fiber production lines, 8 fully automatic ceramic refractory fiber board production lines, and 2 automatic ceramic refractory module production lines, with a total output of over 400000 tons.

Fortune Cat®'s products mainly include polycrystalline mullite fibers, 95% polycrystalline alumina fibers, loose ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber modules, ceramic fiber boards, ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber felt, ceramic fiber modules, ceramic fiber paper, lightweight refractory bricks, ceramic fiber vacuum formed standard products, ceramic fiber textiles (wire ropes), high-temperature binders, ceramic fiber building insulation boards, ceramic fiber composite modules High temperature coatings, etc.

Fortune Cat® product line covers the industrial chain of ceramic refractory fiber series varieties used in complex thermal equipment with temperatures ranging from 800 ℃ to 1800 ℃. It is widely used in industrial furnaces in industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, ceramics, glass enamel, aerospace, and scientific research and military industry. As its lining material, it has significant effects such as energy conservation and production increase, reducing furnace temperature difference, improving product quality, extending furnace life, and improving working environment, The energy-saving rate reaches 15% -35%, which is an effective means to improve the energy-saving of industrial furnaces.

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