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Fortune Cat® Poly-p-phenylene benzobisoxazole (PBO) fiber production base mainly produce PBO fiber filament, chopped PBO fiber, PBO short fiber, PBO fiber cloth, PBO pulp, and PBO finished products.

The high-end PBO fiber products produced by Fortune Cat® have a strength of 5.8 GPa (reported in Germany as 5.2 GPa) and a modulus of 280 GPa, which is the highest among existing chemical fibers; The heat-resistant temperature reaches 600 ℃, the ultimate oxygen index is 68, and it does not burn or shrink in flames. Its heat resistance and flame retardancy are higher than any other type of organic fiber. Mainly used in heat-resistant industry textiles and fiber reinforcement materials.

PBO fibers have excellent properties in strength, modulus, heat resistance, and flame resistance, especially Fortune Cat®'s PBO fiber strength not only exceeds that of steel fibers, but also surpasses that of carbon fibers. In addition, the PBO fiber of Fortune Cat® has excellent impact resistance, friction resistance, and dimensional stability, and is lightweight and soft, making it an extremely ideal textile material.

PBO produced by Fortune Cat® has excellent physical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Its strength and modulus are twice that of Kevlar fibers, and it also has the heat and flame-retardant properties of meta-aramid fibers. Moreover, its physical and chemical properties completely surpass those of Kevlar fibers, which are currently leading in the field of high-performance fibers. A PBO filament with a diameter of 1 millimeter can lift a weight of 450 kilograms, and its strength is more than 10 times that of steel wire fibers.

Application of PBO fiber:

1. Application of Fortune Cat® PBO filament: PBO filament can be used as a reinforcing material for rubber products such as tires, conveyor belts, and hoses; Reinforcement materials for various plastics and concrete; Reinforced components for ballistic missiles and composite materials; The tension components of fiber optic cables and the protective film of the cables; Reinforcing fibers for various soft wires such as electric hotlines and headphone cables; High tensile materials such as ropes and cables; Heat resistant filtering materials for high-temperature filtration; Protective equipment for fighter jets, missiles, and bullets, bulletproof vests, helmets, and high-performance navigation suits; Sports equipment such as tennis, speedboats, and rowing; Advanced amplifier vibration board, new communication materials; Aerospace materials, etc.

2. Application of Fortune Cat® chopped PBO fibers and PBO pulp: can be used as reinforcing fibers for friction materials and sealing gaskets; Reinforcement materials for various resins, plastics, etc.

3. Application of Fortune Cat® PBO yarn: PBO yarn can be used for making firefighting clothing; Heat resistant work clothes used for processing molten metal on site, such as furnace front work clothes and welding work clothes; Protective clothing, safety gloves, and safety shoes to prevent cutting injuries; Racing clothing, rider clothing; Various sportswear and active sports equipment; Carrace pilot suit; Anti-cutting equipment, etc.

4. The application of Fortune Cat® PBO short fibers: mainly used for heat-resistant buffer felt in aluminum extrusion processing and other applications; Heat resistant filtering materials for high-temperature filtration; Thermal protection belts, etc.

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