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The Fortune Cat® Lyocell Tencel fiber production base was established in 1998, and its annual production has now reached 200,000 tons.

Lyocell fiber, also known as soluble fiber, is an environmentally friendly green viscose fiber made from natural cellulose. Compared with traditional viscose fibers, Lyocell fibers are produced by cellulose organic solvent spinning method. During the production process, a new solvent NMMO (N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide) is used to replace CS2 (carbon disulfide), which causes serious environmental pollution. Specifically, cellulose (pulp) is directly dissolved in the NMMO/water system to form a viscous cellulose solution, which is then produced by dry jet wet spinning.

This production process does not undergo chemical reactions, and the entire production process is relatively short. The solvent dissolution, spinning, and recovery process is closed, and the solvent NMMO recovery rate is as high as 99.5%. There is almost no waste discharge, and the spinning speed is very high. Lyocell fiber has all the comfort properties of natural fibers and has greater fiber strength than ordinary viscose fibers, and is known as the “green fiber of the 21st century”.

The development of viscose fibers can be divided into three stages:

(1) The first generation was ordinary viscose fibers, mainly viscose staple fibers, which emerged in the early 20th century to solve the problem of cotton shortage;

(2) The second generation is high moisture modulus viscose fibers, which were industrialized in the 1950s. The representative product is modal fibers;

(3) The third generation is solvent based viscose fibers represented by Lyocell fibers.

For a long time, due to the short supply of key solvent NMMO and the recovery process of NMMO, the price of Lyocell fiber in China has been relatively high and its development has been slow. However, in recent years, due to technological breakthroughs in NMMO solvents, the cost of NMMO has significantly decreased, and the price competitiveness of Lyocell fibers has greatly improved.

The main products of Fortune Cat® Bamboo Fiber and Lyocell Fiber Production Base include modal fiber, lyocell fiber, Lyocell filament, recycled fiber, degradable fiber, natural fiber, clothing fiber, ecological fiber, fiber materials, cellulose fiber, textile fiber, green fiber, textile material, synthetic fiber, chemical fiber, artificial fiber, Tencel, etc.

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