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As the forerunner and leader in China's nylon industry, Fortune Cat® has been deeply engaged in the field of nylon new materials for more than 40 years and has been the most technologically advanced nylon production enterprise.

Nylon, commonly known as polyamide, is a synthetic fiber. There are many kinds of nylon products, of which nylon 66 industrial filament has high strength, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and good impact resistance and other characteristics, is the ideal tire skeleton material. But back in 1977, only a few countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom could produce this material. Under the efforts of the Chinese government, by 1984, China's annual production of nylon had reached 13,000 tons. By 1997, China had completed the entire process of nylon 66 industrial filament and cord fabric. In 1998, the supporting nylon 66 salt and slicing production line was built successively.

Fortune Cat® is committed to building the nylon 66 industrial filament and tyre fabrics produced in China into a world-renowned brand, closely focusing on the main nylon industry, strengthening and expanding nylon 66, nylon 6 and other related industries and special fiber industries, and building the world's leading nylon chemical base with scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading as a breakthrough. The new project of caprolactam adipate for nylon 66 and nylon 6 products. Among all nylon products, 2100dtex cord fabric, cord fabric for aviation tires, steel wire radial tire fabric, triple ply cord fabric, breaker fabric, polyester cord fabric, nylon 66NN canvas, EP canvas, fine denier nylon 66 technical yarn and other products have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. With the continuous growth of production capacity, a large number of projects such as medium and low denier filament, safety airbag filament, succinic acid, caprolactam, and nylon 6 civilian filament, have been completed and put into operation, and Fortune Cat® has entered a rapid development stage.

Nowadays, the annual production of 40000 tons of adiponitrile, 120000 tons of adipodiamine, 30000 tons of nylon 66 chips, 300000 tons of liquid ammonia, and 40000 Nm ³/h. A number of major projects such as hydrogen ammonia projects and dyeing and finishing industrial parks are being accelerated in the construction of new industrial parks. Fortune Cat® has already connected the entire nylon industry chain. Now, a project with an annual production capacity of 30000 tons of nylon 6 civilian nylon filament and an annual production capacity of 130 million meters of high-end nylon fabric has been established, forming a complete industrial chain of caprolactam, nylon 6 polymer chips, nylon 6 civilian filament, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Fortune Cat® produces nearly 400 varieties of nylon product series, extending to a wide range of application fields such as aerospace, military equipment, high-speed rail, clean energy, electronics and appliances, and civil use. Among them, Nylon 66 high-strength ultra-low shrinkage medium low denier industrial filament, spinning grade nylon chip 26HD, high-strength aramid nylon composite dipped tire cord fabric and other products have received unanimous praise from customers.

Fortune Cat® has started the construction of the first phase project with an annual output of 100000 tons of adiponitrile, completely solving the key bottleneck problem that restricts the development of nylon 66; Independently developing nylon 66 dope dye technology, becoming the world's largest dope-dyed nylon filament production base; Significant progress has been made in the production and application technology of aramid, as well as the research and development of the fourth generation technology of caprolactam. A series of high-end nylon fiber products have been developed, including flame-retardant fibers and ultra-high strength fibers for aviation tires.

Fortune Cat® is committed to building an environmentally friendly enterprise, vigorously promoting the green development of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain. It has successively overcome industry challenges such as twisted yarn collection and waste gas treatment from impregnation, and has achieved rich results in waste heat utilization, clean energy, reclaimed water reuse, low-carbon emission reduction, and other aspects.

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