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Polypropylene Raw Textile Material Plants

Fortune Cat® polypropylene production base specializes in the research and production of polypropylene fibers. At present, Fortune Cat® has already built up more than 80 polypropylene FDY production lines, 9 POY production lines, 3 DTY production lines, 15 BCF production lines, and several other production and research and development equipment. Fortune Cat® produces more than 40000 tons of various specifications of polypropylene filament.

Since polypropylene fiber needs to be dope-dyed, Fortune Cat® focuses on color master batch and functional master batch, and has successively developed functional polypropylene fiber with various colors, including anti-aging polypropylene fiber, uv resistant polypropylene fiber, antibacterial polypropylene fiber, antistatic polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fibers that change color with temperature, photochromic polypropylene fiber, waterproof binder for polypropylene fiber, chelated polypropylene, etc.

There are polypropylene filaments (including undeformed polypropylene filaments and bulky deformed polypropylene filaments), polypropylene short fibers, bristlelike monofilament polypropylene fibers, split polypropylene fibers, hollow polypropylene fibers, profiled polypropylene fibers, various composite polypropylene fibers, and non-woven polypropylene fabrics and high tenacity PP industrial yarns.

At the same time, Fortune Cat® has also developed polypropylene ultra-fine denier fibers for clothing by utilizing the lightweight and thermal insulation properties of polypropylene fibers. Fortune Cat® has improved the functionality of polypropylene fibers and successfully developed warm, moisture conductive, and ultra fine denier environmentally friendly polypropylene fibers, which have been widely applied in thermal underwear and have won praise from customers.

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